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Manzetti & LaFleur Bodypainting day

I met Bodypainter Shelley LaFleur in Malta , during a bodypainting competition , Shelley was painting model Daniel James , I immediately took to them both because they were very professional, very relaxed and just thoroughly enjoying the experience, I wanted to work with them one day ..

Shelley and I quickly found we were on the same wave length wanting to create a gay love themed shoot , much inspired by the story of the gay Flamingos at Gloucestershire Zoo . What we wanted was to be able to use 2 males and create a story captivating the sensitivities of gay love , in connection with nature through both photography and video . Unfortunately plans fell thru on the morning of the bodypainting session when 1 of our models could not make it .. so Shelley, Daniel and I decided we would wing it and just paint for fun ( it was always just for fun , but we had to drop the plan we had in mind somewhat and just used threads of the initial idea ) .

I painted the front , face and hair and Shelley painted the back and the very cool arm !

Shelley had hosted the day at hers , which was 31/2 hours from me , and what an amazing host she is ! Shelley had also arranged a studio too so after a few hours of us painting, talking, eating in the most relaxed fashion we went off to the studio to take a few pics .. what we did was enjoy the Art Of Bodypainting :-)

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