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Every Artist is Inspired by at least 1 other Artist ...

The INSPIRATION for this bodypainting I did on model Leisl Despy at the National Face and Bodypaint day UK , 11th Spetember 2016 , came from the 'Gypsy one-stroke split-cake' and the colourful world of Brierley Thorpe , a fellow artist whose work I greatly admire .

The onestroke facepainting splitcake 'Gypsy' by Cameleon was put together by the ' Jimi Hendrix of one-stroke and of colour-combining' Brierley Thorpe ! If you think I've over-exaggerated the skills of this Artist , click her link and be prepared to stand in awe ! ' Gypsy' became the main one-stroke split- cake alongside some DFX white and Tag Black that I used to create this bodypaint .

Before the event I spent a few days creating the adornments , headdress , shoulder pads and skirt and had roughly decided upon my design , which was to incorporate my makeup , hairstyling and bodypainting skills, using a limited palette.

National Face and Bodypainting day is an annual event , set up by world renowned makeup artist and bodypainter Victoria Guigenheim , it is a relaxed day of bodypainting which is set to inspire and celebrate the art of bodypainting it remains true to its intent that it be a space for artists to celebrate the art with zero competitiveness . (this really suits me as I cant stand competition in art ) .

Thank you for reading this ..please see my other blogs and feel free to like and share xx

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