An honest review: Hair Cut, Colour & Shoot

March 11, 2017

On Monday 23 rd January I spent the day with model Laura J Draycon , ( now a friend and client ) and photographer Lee Harvey joined us later to take some beautiful images !  Lee was only asked and confirmed at around 9 pm the night before I think so big thanks to Lee for shooting these pics !!!  Hair & Makeup by   Hair and Makeup at Home Banbury 


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Our goal was to create a muted metalic effect using Dove Grey Igora Royal by Schwatzkopf on the roots and then Muted Mauve Instamatics by Wella on the midlengths and ends . ( I had intended on making my own muted mauve using a couple of colours , but Salon Services local to me did not have 1 of the shades I needed .. thats how I discovered thru their recommendation the alternative Muted Mauve ! hmmmmm ... 


After bleaching Lauras' roots up twice to match the ends . 

The Dove Grey Igora Royal by Schwatzkopf on roots was a great success an absolutely beautiful colour, the Muted Mauve Instamatic by Wella was less successful, (or was I expecting too much ? possibly ) anyway we re-applied the Muted Mauve on mid-lengths and ends and again it was virtually unnoticeable... and in no way the same colour as the swatch at Salon Services .

Having followed a 100% perfect procedure from the start inclusive of using their recommended Colour Touch 1.9% (6 vol ) bleach the result was not satisfactory . I was surprised by this so I checked out other reviews from stylists to find they too had experienced disappointing results with this product.  This product took the front page of Pro Hair so as a professional stylist I can only only think that photoshop played a role in the colour of the models hair on their front page or quite likely that it really is a very tricky product that requires a very specific porosity level in order for it to work effectively. ( Im happy for anyone who has tried and tested without any use of photoshop to show me the results on normal hair not a swatch ) 


Despite this , my model was VERY HAPPY with her hair and I gained a friend and client so the outcome was ultimately a success just not perfectly in line with our initial goal . I want to thank both Laura and Lee for being really great people to work with both in personality and exceptional skills !  



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