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Rainbow Hair

On Monday 6th March I got to do a creative makeover with local Tattoo Artist

Amy Cremmen , Amy had been self dyeing for a long time, with a passion for colours she had tried out quite a few over the years but had been sticking with a blue dye for over a year . Was time for change . I specifically went about designing her style based on her face shape , hair quantity, porosity, elasticity, its natural tendency as well as her personal wishes too, Amy was set on still feeling like her hair was long , so we went for asymmetrical leaving one side longer. But also a long bit on her shaved side and around her nape . For procedure please read below . Click on images to view next image .

The process : I started with the cut .

Products : Pravana Chromasilk Vivids & Olaplex

The colour palette we chose to use was Pravana Chromasilk Vivids - Wild Orchid , Magenta, Blue , Neon Blue and Neon Green .

Before getting to the funky stuff we had to consider the mixed colours and levels we were starting off with and the blue that needed getting rid of /reducing intensity. And the fact that each Pravana colour needs very specific level of hair to get maximium accuracy of colour . Wild Orchid and Magenta needs hair to be level 7 , Neon Green Level 9 and Blues level 10 .

I first bleached the entire head of hair using bleach with 20 vol, measuring in some Olaplex no 1. for around 40 mins and after checking that result after washing (shampoo only )and drying then re-applied bleach again using Olaplex no1. for a further 30 mins and only applying bleach to the areas that required further lift . I would not have done this procedure without Olaplex 1,2 & 3 which is a product that really every hairstylist should use when applying colour but specially bleach , it helped build the bonds of the hair so that you dont destroy the hair, giving one the satisfaction that the hair will remain in good condition . This is a vital necessity when working with colour , if the hair is too por0us and lacking elasticity the colours will be blotchy and wishy-washy , so healthy hair is essential for a good vibrant evenly coloured head of hair.

What we were left with at this point was still some blue in the ends and level 8's , 9's & 10's elsewhere . Yes this meant we had lifted 1 level higher than required for the Wild Orchid which requires level 7. Because our palette was so varied this played near no importance in the final result , but I would highly recommend sticking 100 % to manufactures advice in order to get 100% accuracy !

Where we did find this a problem was on the Tattoo carved side of Amys head , because the initial design was actually a 2 toned pattern ... which due the the hair being lifted slightly lifter than required the initial application on this did not take , we were going for a wild orchid on the perimeter and magenta on the inside and it didn't work it was wishy washy (pastel magenta) and not 2 toned, so we re-applied but just went for 1 flat colour the wild orchid which of course then left the design looking different to our initial plan .

Just to mention I did place vaseline around the perimeter of the hairline as well as between the design to protect the scalp from colour bleeding , again I would only use Pravana colour because of its consistency and its non -transferal aspect which really helps. I used Olaplex No2 with each of the colours as well again this acts as a conditioner but helps build the bonds so its far superior to any other conditioner .

We finished off with using Olaplex 3 after COLD rinsing the colours out . Amys hair felt and looked AMAZING and she was absolutely thrilled with it . It took around 10 hours in total so its no fast process , but Im very happy with the result .


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