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3 looks 1 model 1 shoot

On January 15th 2017 , I had the pleasure of working with the talented model Anezka Anezka , and a wonderful photographer Brian Lewicki .

There wasn't much planning in advance, Brian had only recently connected with me on Facebook and suggested Anezka would like to work with me , Anezka is a more mature model, with a great ability to be versatile. I didn't straight off see the versatility from her portfolio site, but I did take 1 look at her and immediately saw that she'd transform well into an Androgynous look .

Anezka proved to be very versatile indeed ! Incredibly professional, dedicated and sporting, her ability to take on new characters leads me to feel her true talents are deeper than modelling and certainly include acting, would be definitely great for film work.

With my passion for transforming I suggested with a moodboard how I would like to style the shoot with 3 transforming looks. Androgynous , Vintage'esque , and Coulourful metalic splatter. The shoot should've been an outdoors one but due to the freezing cold wet weather we decided last minute that indoor was our only sensible option, despite the restrictions this decision came with like framing . Brian managed to capture some wonderful shots in a home style studio setting .

Both Brian and Anezka were fabulous to work . I left the shoot on a high having thoroughly enjoyed the day so much that results were less important than the fact that I genuinely enjoyed working with them both.

Androgynous Look 1

Androgynous Look 1

Fingerwaves Look 2

Metalic Muse Look 3

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